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  • SimulTrain®: Plan – decide – lead – and learn

    SimulTrain®Plan – decide – lead – and learn

What is it about?

A serious game which puts you instantly in the role of a project manager!

SimulTrain® is an online simulation of project management which allows learners to acquire core project management competencies as well as teamwork and leadership skills in an enjoyable way.

So far, the simulator is used in more than 50 countries and has contributed to the training of more than 150'000 project managers.

They enjoyed to be exposed to a close to real project, to take decisions under pressure and finally to review them – without any implication on their promotion or career.

  • SimulTrain integrates all aspects of project management;
  • Learning by making mistakes;
  • Close to reality;
  • Knowledge and skill acquisition that will never be forgotten;
  • An opportunity for practicing the execution phase of a project;
  • Challenging, encouraging, and fascinating;
  • A competitively-priced, hands-on experience which shows the reality and consequences of leading a project.

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Target groups
  • Project managers learn to apply their knowledge and review their decisions with the help of an experienced trainer.
  • Junior project managers learn how a project is to be planned and executed;
  • Senior project manager can review their way of project management

Basic knowledge about project management

Learning objectives

At the end of the simulation, the participants will be able to:

  • plan project resources;
  • use project management tools;
  • control the progress of a project;
  • make team decisions, including in situations of stress;
  • react properly in typical situations of project management.
  • Project planning
  • Resource allocation
  • Project execution
  • Decision making
  • Project controlling
  • Reporting
  • Project Closing
How does it work

The project simulation SimulTrain® is primarily used in combination with classroom activities.

In teams of 3 to 4 people, learners play the role of the project manager. The teams have to plan and execute a typical mid-sized project. They immediately see the consequences of the decisions they make. Furthermore, they can track the evolution of the costs, the schedule, the quality as well as the human factors.

With the help of SimulTrain, project manager can make all the mistakes while planning and executing a project and learn from these mistakes – just to a reasonable price!

Full of multimedia interaction, SimulTrain® provides the teams with phone calls, emails, and voicemails to create a realistic and stressful environment – just as in real life. Therefore, learners experience stress and working under pressure.

SimulTrain is also an ideal tool for team building or decision making.

Practical Info

SimulTrain is available in more than 20 languages.

Depending on the languages, there are up to 7 scenarios at disposal, reflecting simulations of projects in different areas.


SimulTrain can be run online or with a desktop version.


The simulation lasts for about 8 hours including the phases of planning, execution, and debriefing.

In most cases, the simulation is split into two parts over two days and combined with other learning activities such as company-specific case studies. During two times 4 hours, the learners are confronted with the planning and the execution of a project.

Why use SimulTrain®?

  • A solicited learning tool
    All at once
  • An interactive tool
    An interactive tool
  • All at once
    A solicited learning tool

Discover SimulTrain®

Interested in using SimulTrain?

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