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Project Management Institute (PMI)®; Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition; Project Management Professional (PMP)®; Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®; Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®; PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)®

  • Certification in project management: The best way to justify your experience

    Certification in project managementThe best way to justify your experience


Why be certified?

Certifications in project management were created to meet two related needs

  • Companies wanted to make sure that project managers working for them could justify their experience, knowledge and know-how in project management. The clients of a project often require that the project manager hired be certified.
  • Project managers want their experience and their ability in managing a project successfully to be recognized.

About preparation – in general

  • Preparation time: 40 to 120 hours, depending on the type of certification.
  • Exam: depending on the type of certification, the exam consists in a multiple choice examination and/or an oral examination and/or a project report. Duration: 2 to 4 hours.
  • Certification fees: between 200 and 3000 € depending on the type of certification.

The Project Management Institute (PMI)® certification

Global information

  • Is used mostly in the USA, but is spreading in other countries worldwide as well.
  • The examination lasts 4 hours and includes 200 questions. Passing score: 61%.
  • There are severaltypes of certifications:
    1. Project Management Professional PMP®
    2. Certified Associate in Project Management CAPM®
    3. Program Management Professional PgMP®
    4. Risk Management Professional PMI-RMP®
    5. Scheduling Professional PMI-SP®
    6. Agile Certified Practitioner PMI-ACP®

Target audience of the PMI® certification

  • Candidates who want their certification to be acknowledged worldwide.
  • Candidates who export products in the USA.
  • Candidates that run projects in the USA.
  • Candidates whose clients require a PMI® certification.
  • Candidates who want to obtain a certification quickly

How to prepare for the exam?

It takes strong motivation to prepare yourself on your own - this is why we propose to prepare you in a group with a coach. And not just any coach, but a person that has already successfully prepared hundreds of people for the PMP® certification.
STS offers you a 2 x 2 day course within 4-6 weeks. Between the two sessions the participants can train for the exam with our exam simulation X-AM - a small wonder that contains 1000 questions similar to the exam question.

The steps in brief

  1. Candidates register online via the PMI®'s website:
  2. Candidates indicate how many hours of practical experience they have in each one of the different project phases.
  3. Payment is made by credit card.
  4. Candidates agree on a date for the exam, which will take place in one of the many testing centers to be found worldwide.
  5. The exam lasts 4 hours and is computer-based.
  6. Candidates may view their results immediately after finishing the exam.

Practical information

Price Preparation Time Total duration More infos
$555 ($405 for PMI® members) 40 to 80 hours about 2-3 months

The IPMA certification

Global information

  • Is used mostly in Western Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom and Austria).
  • There are four types of certifications:
    1. Level A: Certified Project Director
    2. Level B: Certified Project Manager
    3. Level C: Certified Project Management Professional
    4. Level D: Certified Project Management Practitioner. The D-level exam is a written examination that lasts three hours. The A-, B- and C-level exams consist in a two-hour-long oral examination, where examinees report on the project they have conducted.

Target audience of the IPMA certification

  • Candidates who want their their know-how in project management to be recognized and valorized.
  • Candidates who want to obtain a certification that is not only based on knowledge, but also on experience.
  • Candidates whose companies are oriented towards the IPMA certification.

The steps in brief

  • Candidates must first determine the level of certification they seek. See explanation below for basic information.
  • Candidates must then complete a self-evaluation form, where they assess their knowledge and experience in the 42 areas of competencies defined by the IPMA.
  • The next steps depend on the level of certification sought.

My experience is that which determines the certification level

I do not have any experience in project management.
Too bad !
I have taken part in one or several projects for at least one year.
Level D
I have run a rather complex project (involving 50'000 to 400'000 euros).
Level C
I have run a very complex project (involving over 300'000 euros).
Level B
I have run the whole of a company's projects (project portfolio).
Level A

practical information

Price Preparation Time Total duration More infos
200 to 3000 euros,
depending on the country and certification level.
40 to 200 hours 2 to 5 months certification in Switzerland
IPMA certification worldwide